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Purely Textural

The Purely Textural Map Points series is composed of 12” x 12” canvas, each illustrating a different adventure, a new part of the globe experienced.

From tiny chartreuse pillows of moss growing near a fallen tree in my backyard, to the early sun illuminating all the irregular islands in the St. Louis River Estuary, organic and mineral structures inspire me to capture the color and light of beautiful and fleeting moments. The Yellowstone Paint Pots, a wet stone sidewalk in Porto, Portugal, and the Carrizozo Lava Fields in New Mexico have all had a turn on the canvas. Some of the sculptural paintings are more playful, others a bit serious.

 I have fun with materials too! The ‘crunchy’ part of the sculptural paintings is a mixture I developed during my two years at graduate school. I combine it with gold leaf, shattered glass, handmade paper, found metal, failed paintings, and lots of paint.  This series looks wonderful in groupings and as a stand alone work.

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