Fireflies and the Purely Textural

The evolution of this series is intriguing. I was commissioned to create a large, experimental canvas, perhaps

36” x 48”. It was NOT successful. After days of angst ridden creative frustration, I abandoned the canvas.

It sat, in the corner of my studio, bereft of love and attention, attracting only the occasional dust bunny or two for a little more than a year.

While I was pondering life’s recent events, emotional upheaval, and the general chaos surrounding the state of laundry piles, my eye rested on that sad canvas. Inspiration struck.

I cut it up.Taking a razor blade, I stripped, chopped, and tore that creation apart.

Feeling so much better, I started reassembling the individual pieces onto smaller canvas. Making use of copious amounts of paint, paper, gold leaf and glass, these sculptural, textural jewels were born.

Sometimes, that is just how art evolves. It has now become part of my successful zero waste studio initiative.