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This collection of mixed media paintings was first conceived after reading about the discovery of the “ghost fish” in the Marianas Trench December 2014.

The trenches were initially considered a place to house spent nuclear waste. The proposal suggested subduction activity of the trenches would “push” the nuclear material deep into the earth’s mantle. The discovery of the fish, a vertebrate, living over 8000 meters below the surface in the Mariana Trench halted the nuclear waste proposal sites.

Horrified that our oceans, indeed, our single ocean, would be considered a further dumping ground for nuclear waste, I created these works. Beautiful, textural and engaging, the materials reflect some of the many waste products used, discarded and abandoned in our oceans. Waste that is inert, but non recyclable, was incorporated. These highly textured works spark conversation, and hopefully, give one a moment to pause before purchasing the next convenience item. The materials used in the creation of these mixed media works include non-indigenous things found swirling through our oceans, and in our deepest ocean trenches: plastics, glass, trash, paint and silica.

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