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Witnessing Waves

The Mississippi River Gorge and her wealth of heritage trees has always intrigued me. This series pays respect to these gentle witnesses of migration and settlement along our mighty river, these magnificent, steadfast trees. The trees acknowledge the contribution of all of our respective backgrounds and ancestries.  It is our collective heritage that makes this place a culturally rich and diverse place to call home. The trees welcome all, without discrimination.

Our DNA strands are wrapped in the tangled roots and riverbanks, reminding us of our connections to each other and the planet. The tiny squares, the leaves, were inspired by the mosaics of Ravenna, Italy. The sixth century artists used tiny glass tiles to create extraordinary works of art.

I am inspired by the landscape, geography, history, and culture of places. This series wraps arms around many of my passions.

This series was featured on the award winning PBS series MNOriginals.

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